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About WAF 2019 & Awards....

Women Advancement Forum - WAF & Awards is one of the most attended global gender advocacy conference...

It is our pleasure to invite you to this amazing and phenomenal gender advocacy conference that is sweeping across continents advocating gender equality, women empowerment and advancement – in all supporting women and children... Women Advancement Forum – WAF. Join women from all walks of life in this inspiring, motivating and provoking plenary and panel sessions, series of life changing and capacity building workshop sessions that are guaranteed to re-energize and revitalize every delegate, and fantastic exhibition and business networking platforms that will enable you connect your target market.

Women Advancement Forum – WAF is the conference to indulge being developed exclusively for women, however men are welcome – providing words of wisdom and creating platforms to let your voice be heard on gender issues. WAF platform gives you the opportunity to share your life experiences with others and reveals in the shared success of other women.

A sound socio-economic and political policy is the major pillar for our desire for women empowerment and advancement for sustainable development and growth. Transforming the world through women for sustainable growth and development will require gender equality in all spheres, promoting good health, protecting our climate, and ensuring that governments and private sector have them at the center of their developmental plan.

Today, more than ever the story of women in politics, women in business, women in NGOs (society), and women in corporates (professional/career women) is the story of empowerment... of taking charge and moving forward to reach their goals and achieve their dreams. We all know and it is obvious that the ceiling is not shattered yet – we have a long way to go; that’s why we have to come together on a phenomenal platform like WAF with one voice, keep our skills sharper, our sights higher, our visions clearer, and our motivation stronger than ever before.

Women in business, politics, corporates and NGOs – it’s time to arise and shine. In many countries a few women run their own businesses, aspire political positions, aspire board and senior management positions and even run successful NGOs/NPOs. They are faced with so many challenges; therefore the time is now to consider best approach to give women a helping hand to enable them build their business, be in the parliament, join the senior management and board of corporations, have easy access to finance, exposing them to markets, skills acquisition and capacity building. At the same time make our girls and youths to become aware of the possibility of becoming entrepreneurs, parliamentarians, CEOs, and reputable persons in the society.

The time is now... Women Advancement Forum conference is where we must all meet and share ways to actualize these dreams to transform our world for sustainable growth and development by 2030.

Take your time, go through the newly packaged WAF provisional program content which never before allows you the freedom to attend sessions that will help you most.

Finally, we wish to thank you once again for your commendable participation during this 6th WAF 2019 & Awards. Your continuing engagement, active participation, presence and contributions will be critical to a successful outcome of the forthcoming conference.

We look forward to receiving your expression of interest to speak at WAF 2019 & Awards, nominations for WAF Think gender Awards & Tribute Award, sponsor/partner with us, and encouraging more women, men and youths to attend the forthcoming WAF.

Before we conclude, we wish to reiterate our desire that women from the rural communities become part of this conference; this requires everyone’s support. We wish to ensure that developing countries and major groups are fully involved in this next WAF.

NGOs, women in business, women in politics, African women in the diaspora, wife of public office holders, first ladies, UN, international agencies, and regional bodies are key partners in addressing issues affecting women and children for sustainable development in the 21st century. We look forward to and welcome your participation in this conference.

We wish to express our sincere appreciation to all those who worked tirelessly to make the WAF 2016 & Awards, Johannesburg, South Africa event  a success.

Don’t miss this chance to participate in Women Advancement Forum – WAF & Awards - 2019, the conference that you and your women, peers (male and female) will be talking about for years to come. Register today while seats are still available, especially at discounted rates.

We look forward to seeing you in WAF 2019 & Awards!

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